Stringent Studios

Software · Design


Web Apps

Drum Chart Builder
Create, manage, and display drum charts, notation, and setlists
Notify! from the City of Lawrence
Secure web-based notifications system, alerts residents about solid waste pickup

iOS Apps

TeleScript TECHi for iPad
Teleprompting app and peripheral, developed for Telescript West, Inc.
Drum Chart Viewer
Companion app for Drum Chart Builder users

Web Sites

Twin Oaks Golf Complex
Driving range and pitch-and-putt golf course, serving Lawrence and Eudora, Kansas — source available on GitHub
City of Lawrence, Kansas
Official site for the city, winner of 2014 NAGW Pinnacle Award
Maxtron Products
Manufacturer of broadcast and pro-AV products
Hired Gun RMS
Musicians' repertoire management software
Miniature robot sculptures made from reclaimed electronic components


Meta TicTacToe (MT3)
HTML/JavaScript implementation of "meta" (a.k.a. "super") tic-tac-toe — source available on GitHub
Auld Golf Links
Scottish-themed arcade golf game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (in development)
Idiots and Lunatics!
Arcade driving game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (in development)


App Development

  • Objective-C for Apple devices using XCode and related tools
  • Cross-platform: Apache Cordova/PhoneGap using JavaScript SPA
  • Windows Win32 and DirectX in C/C++ with VisualStudio
  • Embedded device firmware (ARM-based microcontrollers) in C with LPCXpresso

Web Design & Development

  • Responsive, mobile-first, multi-device designs with future-friendly thoughtfulness
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery/UI/Mobile, Bootstrap and dojo on the client-side
  • LAMP-based, CMS-driven: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Symphony2 and proprietary back-ends
  • REST APIs, secure data sharing, and remote systems management
  • Accessibility, internationalization and localization


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